Instead of going through a checkout line, shop in-store and pay on your phone with Scan & Pay.

Signing up and logging in

To sign up for Scan & Pay you’ll need to use your cell phone—

  1. Scan the QR code on the Scan & Pay signs near the store’s entrance and exit.
  2. When prompted, enter your phone number.
  3. Enter the verification code you receive via text.
    • If you don’t receive the verification code, check your text messaging app’s spam folder, if there is one.
    • If you still don’t have the verification code, tap Resend Code.

Make sure to allow camera and location access in your phone’s settings when setting up your account. Scan & Pay needs both in order to scan items and verify you’re in the store.

Shopping and checking out

Adding items to cart

You can scan item barcodes with your phone’s camera to add them to your cart.

  1. Hold the item in front of your phone’s camera, positioning the barcode inside the white outlines on your screen.
  2. After a few seconds, the item scans automatically and a confirmation appears on screen.
  3. To add multiples of the same item, tap the plus sign next to 1 in cart.

Certain items, like tobacco, aren’t available on Scan & Pay. Please purchase these items at the cashier.

Weighing produce

To add produce to your cart, use the digital scales in the store’s produce section or near the hot bar. A digital scale looks like a regular scale with a touch screen.

  1. Enter the item’s PLU number on the screen.
  2. If prompted, enter the number of the items you’re purchasing on the screen. (ex. if lemons are sold at $1 each, instead of by weight, you’ll need to enter the lemon PLU, and then confirm you’re buying 3 lemons).
  3. A barcode appears on the screen after you enter the necessary information and weigh the items.
  4. To add the item(s) to your cart, scan the barcode with your phone’s camera.

Removing items from cart

  1. To remove items from your order, tap [number] items at the bottom of your screen to open your cart.
  2. Tap the minus sign next to the item until the count is 1.
  3. Tap the trash can to remove the item.

Unavailable items

You’ll receive 1 of the following error messages if you try to scan an unavailable item—

  • This item cannot be purchased with Scan & Pay.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased with Scan & Pay.

You can’t use coupons or buy the following items through Scan & Pay—

  • Prepaid cards
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling products
  • Hazardous items

Other items, like alcohol, may not be available on Scan & Pay, at the retailer’s discretion or due to catalog issues. You can buy these items at the cashier.

Incorrect item price

Retailers provide item prices for Scan & Pay. Occasionally, an item’s price on Scan & Pay may be different from the in-store price.

If you haven’t finished shopping and you'd like to purchase the item(s), exit the Scan & Pay app and check out at a register.

If you’ve checked out and scanned the receipt code, request a refund at the store’s customer service desk.

Checking out

  1. When you’re done adding items, tap [number] items at the bottom of your screen to open your cart.
  2. Tap Go to Checkout.
  3. Choose a payment method, enter your payment information, and tap Pay for Order.
  4. A receipt QR code displays on your phone after you pay.
  5. Follow the signs to the Scan & Pay exit, and scan the receipt QR code at the Scan & Pay exit kiosk.
  6. Follow any instructions on the kiosk screen. If you need a store associate to add or remove items, or refund your order, please ask for assistance.
  7. You’ll need to show your ID to an associate if you’re buying age-restricted items like alcohol.
  8. Next, bag your order and enter the number of bags you use into the kiosk screen.
  9. The kiosk notifies you if you can leave the store or if a store associate needs to review your order.

If you lose your receipt QR code, you can find it again using these steps—

  1. Scan the QR code on a Scan & Pay sign to re-open Scan & Pay.
  2. Tap the person icon in the top left corner.
  3. Tap Order history.
  4. Tap the relevant order.


When shopping at Bristol Farms or Foodcellar, you may be eligible for an introductory promotion: get $5 off Scan & Pay orders of $10 or more. This applies to your first 6 eligible Scan & Pay orders for a total of $30 in savings.

Some items don’t qualify for discounts. If eligible, you’ll see the promotion on the Cart screen when you start shopping. It applies automatically at checkout.

Scan & Pay is down

If you receive a notification about Scan & Pay being down, check out at a register.

Payment card is declined

If your original form of payment is declined, add a new payment type.

  1. Tap Account at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the payment type you want to add under Payment methods.
  4. Enter your card information and current billing address.
  5. Tap Save.
  6. Check out through Scan & Pay by selecting your newly added payment method.