Shopping just got easier and faster when ordering groceries through Instacart. We’re piloting a new feature where you can ask food questions in Search. 

We’re using artificial intelligence (AI) to help understand and respond to certain food questions with shoppable suggestions while also providing some food-related inspiration along the way.

Try searches like—

  • “Best meats for a BBQ” 
  • “What herbs do I use on potatoes?” 
  • “Fruits for ice cream toppings”
  • “Fish similar to salmon”

As AI technology is still in early stages, we’re focused only on answering food-related questions. We’ll watch how our products respond and expand how we use this technology as we learn more. At Instacart, we're committed to incorporating AI features into our products responsibly, with a goal of enhancing the Instacart shopping experience and delivering more food inspiration to customers.

Always review the suggested products to make sure they meet your specific needs before placing an order.

Keep in mind— 

  • The responses and suggestions are only for reference purposes.  
  • Any responses or product information given isn’t intended as a substitute for medical advice and shouldn’t be relied upon to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease, medical or health conditions, or for making health-related decisions.  
  • Always consult a doctor or qualified healthcare provider for medical advice. 
  • Dietary or nutritional information is provided for reference only and you should consult with a nutritionist or other professional to ensure the products are suitable for your individual circumstances.  
  • Responses are based on product information that may not be current or complete. Please review packaging to confirm any information relating to product safety, nutrition, or ingredients (including allergen information).
  • Drink responsibly and ensure that alcohol is only served to people of legal drinking age.

This feature isn't available to everyone at this time.